Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1: Anticlimax

It will probably go down as the worst New Year's countdown in my household ever.

We're on the NY1 channel watching the ball and counting down...



Aaaand Dad's parental controls kick in and block us out of our cable because, you know, it's MIDNIGHT.

Because though by our clock this was taken in the new year my camera seems to think that the above was taken at 12/31/11 11:59, I also present to you what we saw as soon as dad hacked back INTO our cable to catch up on the festivities (my camera agrees this was taken in the New Year at exactly 12:00 AM):


In other news, this was our first year counting down with New York really at midnight and NOT a re-play--we moved from CST to EST this year--which also means we couldn't play the great "set all clocks ahead an hour" trick on my younger siblings.

Day 1 down!


1 comment:

J V said...


If that doesn't define "anti-climactic" I don't know what does.

At least you've got a good story to tell! :)

--James V

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