Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10: No Trespassing

So, last time I went on a walk (yesterday), I very much regretted not taking my camera with me--there's a cool mailbox I'll have to get a shot of sometime. However, though I resolved to take my camera this time, the only picture I took is actually in my own yard. We didn't put this up and we don't know why it's there (it's completely IN our yard, so it's not for our neighbors...though people who can see it would have to already be trespassing in ours...).

But it's still kinda cool. ^.^  It's not as big as it looks with this perspective, by the way. And the black bar is my camera's cord. I'm too lazy to run back down there and retake. (Read: I have a real life, too.)
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