Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2: Confused Carolina

I took this while out with my parents and oldest younger sister and youngest sister on a walk. I would've probably framed it better, but they don't stop for my pictures so I have to run to catch up with them. And being lazy, I didn't want to run for longer than necessary.

Carolinian tree? It's January. Trees don't typically bloom in January. I know you can't tell in North Carolina, but it actually is winter.



Calleigh said...

Haha, you guys have beautiful flowers, and we just got our first snow yesterday. :P

Jessica said...

That's really pretty!! =D

Nairam said...

Kansas has already had snow a couple of times, I think. HAHA Kansas. (I mean, I have to poke fun at it...'cause I'm not there.) ALL MY KANSAN FRIENDS SHOULD MOVE TO CAROLINA!!!

Thanks, Jessica! :)

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