Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 21: Time Lord Laptop

My writing laptop is a completely free hand-me-down. It's slow, it's loud, it has no internet (HALLELUJAH!), and it freaked me out the other day by not starting up correctly. Plus the screen was wonky (it's what I was trying to show here, but it doesn't show up well). The color was completely messed up and the screen was spazzing.

But it has resurrected all right and is still working for me.


I love you, ancient laptop.


Hannah said...

Haha, I have an ancient, internet-less, acts-wonky, hand-me-down laptop that I use for writing too. Though lately, I've been almost scared to use it--it keeps freezing up on me and/or hiding/losing text. It's pushing eleven or twelve years... O_o

Nairam said...

So's mine. :P I've had it a little longer than a year now.

I also have electrical tape on the cord because wires are poking out. >.> I'm wondering when the thing's gonna go.

Hannah said...

I've had mine for about three years, and before that, my dad had it.

Oh gosh! Your sounds in worse shape than mine! O_<

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