Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5: Constant Motion

The name of this day may seem a bit odd considering the picture, but if you knew HOW MANY blurry pictures I deleted of my kitty before I got this one (and after I got this one) it would make more sense.

So now you know.

Holly has a deep suspicion of the camera. Even if she wasn't tearing around the room chasing invisible prey, she still manages to avoid many good shots. I was surprised that she STAYED lying down with her EYES CLOSED when the INSTRUMENT OF EVIL was pointed at her. It may have helped that I stayed in my chair, zoomed in a little before twisting into an odd shape to get a shot at her without arising too much suspicion. Also, I turned all those nifty camera sounds off.  I swear she never really sleeps, the way she bounces back up at the slightest sound.

So, despite the uninspiring background, I am very pleased with myself about this picture.

1 comment:

Calleigh said...

Cool shot! I like how natural it looks. ^_^

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