Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7: Thrones

No, I'm not always going to post pictures of my cat now. I was going to do some of my cross-stitch project I recently got back out and started working on it again, but I liked this one better.

Why'd I get it in the first place?

Well. My mom and dad bought 5 new pieces of furniture today--4 chairs and a loveseat--two of which go up in our "study room" off of my room, where my cat basically lives. Not 30 seconds had gone by before she was checking out the first one, and then she checked out this one too, plus the ottomans. She just climbed up, twisted around, and settled herself right down.

"Why, thank you humans. I was getting tired of lounging on beds. I appreciate these new thrones. Here is my stamp of approval." *dozes*
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