Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8: Barn Kitties

I admit it: I almost forgot today. I did take this an hour or two ago, though.

Here is my counted cross-stitch that I've been working on almost all day. I should've told mom I needed a new blunt needle ages ago. For example, two years ago when I lost my original.

Or maybe I shouldn't have, since I can do it for hours on end. Must resist tomorrow..



Calleigh said...

More cats? :P

Cool shot. ^_^

Nairam said...

Sorry. :P It's the one I had.

Next time I do a counted cross-stitch, I should see if I can find a Robin Hood one or something...not likely, but I can try. It's either kitties, dogs, horses, or flowers, generally. XD

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