Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 32: 1066

I love The Great Courses. I rave about pretty much every one of their lecture series' that I've watched--and that's racking up. They have my number, so I get emails about sails about every other day and magazines about once a week. I'm used to dumping them in the trash basically right away, but this time the cover declared they had a new course--1066. I immediately freaked out and said they had made a course for me. Yeah, I claimed a course. It's only 3 hours long (6 lectures--most are 36 or 48), but I still want it.

This was a momentous enough occasion (and I only had a picture of Holly so far--obsessed, me?) that it received a photo shoot, which was actually pretty hard. I either had shadows or glare or bad angles. But I like this one.

1066 IS (will be?) MINE. (And if you don't know why that date is important, please, look it up.)


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