Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 53: Lady Accuracy

Explanation Part #1.
Lady Accuracy.

Explanation Part #2:

My good friend [Regano_the_bard] on Facebook:

"Arthur and Kay were about to unbridle the horses, and instantly the face of [Nairam], historical references in hand, brainy specs pulled far down over her nose, and with her very best "Lady Accuracy" look appeared in my mind. Thank you for that... I think.... Now I have to look up whether bridling would have existed in the second century -_-

Proof that I have a Robin Hood hat, and yes, I can look horrendous. (I've deleted the worst of the photos.) It took forever on the timed pictures to get it close to right, and the end I just went: "good enough." (Mostly because my little sister was getting ready for bed and it would've just been weird to continue.)


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