Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 153: Girl Hammer

My girl hammer. It has screwdrivers of varying sizes in it, too.

It's my graduation present.

No seriously.


P.S. Notice my vintage* Narnia set in the background! Props if you can guess what the the book on the far left is.

*heavily loved


Leah Good said...

The book on the far, far left? 'Tis "Runt the Hunted", no?

Sandy said...

You have the same version of CoN as we do! <3

{Tomorrow Song} said...

^^ That's exactly what I was coming here to say. I love my worn, faded, crackly, smells-like-old-and-beautiful-times Narnia series.

Nairam said...

I am the guardian of my family's well-loved Narnia set. *nod*

I have a nicer one of my own. Though I wanted the really nice hardback ones. o.o

There's something very beautiful in loved, though. It's just hard to read them anymore *cracks open* *pages fall in three clumps* *facepalm*

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