About Olympus

I am taking a challenge to take at least one picture every day for a year. I was challenged by Calleigh, in this is how she describes the challenge:
The 366 Day Picture Challenge...is pretty much what it sounds like. :P To participate, you MUST TAKE one picture every day for one year. Sounds easy, right? I have it on good authority, that after about, oh...one month, you will be tired of taking pictures. But at the end of the year, you'll find out it was worth all the aggrivation.

Now, not all of these pictures have to be crisp, clear, awesome shots. They can be moments of your day, a snap you want even though you know it'll be blury, a picture of your sib, child, pet. Anything at all. The point of this is so you get used to taking pictures and carrying your camera with you, and you also have your entire year recorded in photographs. You can either create a scrapbook, a blog like this one, or hide them in a box under your bed. Either way, take the pictures. :P
I can't stand blurry pictures, so don't expect to see much of those, and I will probably try to be artsy and mess with angles a lot because that's what I do when I have a camera in hand.

I am a writer first and foremost who had a tendency to kidnap the family camera until I got my own for Christmas. It's nothing very high-end or fancy (an Olympus "Stylus"), but it's mine and I'm in love with it already.

You can find out more about me and my writing at my main blog, Nairam of Sherwood.

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